Shortest sail ever!!

By Gordon Mason

Hugh and I were out on my boat last Tuesday. we headed out from the Pill on a falling tide about 2 hours after high tide with the intention of heading for Woodspring Bay.

We had already hoisted the mainsail and made sure we left the withies well to port.

Our course was in the general direction of Charston Rock but just out of the Pill we grounded.

Hugh went over the side and tried to push us off but had no success.

So we spent the next few hours sunning ourselves and getting through the French bread and cheese that Hugh had brought with him.20160719_135042

We were not expecting the mud bank that you see in the pic and think that a starboard withy at the end of the bank would be a useful warning.

Hugh has some available and the next time we’re in the Pill we’ll plant them.


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